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Solxled the reponsible LED lighting company

We help our customers save significant energy costs on lighting.

We work with our customers and suppliers to deliver the right solution ensuring maximum overall cost savings.   Our thorough energy assessment provides clarity on all the costs involved in existing and future lighting requirements.

We work closely with our manufacturers to deliver lighting solutions that overcome local challenges.  For example;  In British Columbia where some large commercial facilities use a different voltage, Solxled has particular expertise in helping these large organizations manage their move to the more efficient LED lighting.

Replacing fluorescent tube lighting with LED tube lighting:

  • Save energy & money – 15W vs 40W. An average saving of 61 kWh per annum on a single light. That’s an energy saving of 93%.
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 48Kg from a single light change.
  • 2.5 to 8 times brighter
  • Lifespan – lasts 10 to 25 times longer
  • Remove physiological effects of fluorescent lighting like; perceived or real flicker, headaches, migraines, drowsiness, general fatigue and malaise.
  • Save even more money – Our LEDs’ fit existing florescent fittings. Often simply disconnect / bypass the ballast (the ballast can waste energy, especially as they get older).

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Replace High Bay and other warehouse lighting
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Flood Light

Input Voltage 90-305VAC | -40C ~ 60C
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Panel Lights

These LED Panels / luminaires have been designed to replace florescent tube fixtures.
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Panel Lights 347Vac

These LED Panels / luminaires have been designed to replace florescent tube fixtures.
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Vapor Proof

Vapor -Tri-Proof Corrosion-proof Water-proof Dust-proof
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